Fête du Canada/Canada Day logo, MRC Deux-Montagnes

Some logos present special challenges

Even a lay person these days knows that a company logo is more than just a cool graphic coupled with some trendy typeface. There are times when clients insist that their logo be visually representative of what product or service they provide.

A case in point… I was recently called upon to create a logo for our region’s Canada Day celebration. The elements were to include a graphic representation of the 8 districts covering the territory just north of Montreal, vibrant colours to give a sense of celebration, and of course Canadian symbology (the colour red and the maple leaf), including the ever-present fireworks.

The challenge was to integrate these elements in such a way that the final design would be relatable to the iconic event that is Canada Day, and that the disparate elements of the logo would remain simple enough to be duplicated in a variety of media and applications, including embroidery.

Here was the first go-round…

MRC DXM_Canada Day logos_draft1Here’s the client-approved version, which was further developed from option A2. I think that it hits the mark.

We will soon be working on the web site. The entire package should be out by the beginning of June.

Fête du Canada MRC Deux-Montagnes Canada Day logo