Crimson Cosmetics logo

Creating a logo – a brief step-by-step

Not too long ago, I was asked to create a logo for a client of a colleague of mine in exchange for some web development work. Seeing that I’m not the most proficient coder out there, I decided that this ‘job swap’ would benefit both of us. I enthusiastically undertook the job of creating a logo for the client; a beauty salon/cosmetics business that – according to the brief – wanted a “more contemporary-style illustrated” version of the clip art sample that they supplied me with as reference. (see figure 1, below)

First draft of logo

Figure 1

This gave me with a great opportunity to work on my illustrations skills. The design I submitted (figure 1, above) turned out to be too illustrative, and both the client and I decided that it would be best to go more iconic with the design, to make it more adaptable to different uses. After receiving a new batch of reference material, (figure 2) I went to work on some new sketches.

client reference files

Figure 2

After a few more tweaks going back and forth with the client, I came up with the final, 1-colour and 2-colour art. Finally, a black-only (silhouette) was created, with optional ideas for different applications (cameo etc.) figure 3.

Final logo designs

Figure 3

In the end, the client was extremely happy with the final result, and I also felt that they had a mark that could be used in a broad range of applications… (labels, packaging, advertising material).