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Finding the right fit just got a lot easier

I sometimes marvel at the courage and the moxie exhibited by anyone who voluntarily walks out on their (9 to 5) job to embark out on their own to begin a self-directed career. No benefits, no safety net, just a burning desire to be ‘masters of their own domain’ and (with luck) some knowledge on how to run a business.

Both my wife and I run our own businesses, although to be more accurate, what she runs is a business and what I run is (my own) job. Like many freelance visual designers, I search for many different options when it comes to attracting clients : word of mouth referrals, social media promotions and advertising, job boards, and up selling to existing customers. I’m aware that there are other ways to cultivate leads and develop new business relationships, but in order to maintain some semblance of sanity, I’ve limited myself to these tried-and-true methods.

One method where I’ve gotten some bites is through the ‘designer-for-hire’ job boards. I won’t name names, but it’s safe to say that many of them skew towards awarding offers based on the lowest price. This to me and I’m sure to most in the freelance visual design community is a recipe for disaster for anyone who needs to keep a roof over their heads and feed a family at the same time—at least if they live in North America.

In such an environment it would be easy to become disillusioned, or even resign oneself to a career of mediocre income. Well, I’m pleased to say that I’ve come across a very promising online resource for bringing together top visual designers (and developers, UX/UI designers, and more) and top businesses who demand only the best in their respective fields. I’m talking about TopTal Freelance Visual Designers Group, the ‘TopTal’ of course standing for ‘Top Talent’.

TopTal puts freelancers through a thorough vetting process in order that only the top 3% make the grade. This ensures that their clients—who are searching for top talent—indeed have access to true professionals. It’s really a ‘win-win’ situation, in that freelancers are compensated appropriately, and clients receive an excellent return on their investment.

I couldn’t be happier, as I’m currently going through the TopTal vetting process. Bring it on, I’m ready!


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